Lake Arrowhead Groups

LAPOA Community Volunteer Committee Program

Purpose: This is a newly formed program by the Board. To foster Community involvement within the aspects of Lake Arrowhead such as improvements, maintaining, successful resolution, and social events.  

Fosters Community involvement with improvements, maintenance, and social events.   
Focused on immediate, intermediate, and long-range planning for needs, problems, and opportunities. 
Coordinates with the Board through one designated Board Member. Chair serves at the pleasure of the Board member.  
 Makes written recommendations to the Board on matters within Committee’s purview.
Committee acts on matters listed in its Charter and/or assignments from the Board member.
All recommendations carried within the Committee by majority vote.

Listed Below are the Committees Resident may volunteer for:

 1. Handles administrative details for operational matters as assigned by the Board or Officers.
 2. Arranges coordination for quarterly, annual, and special Property Owner Meetings.
 3. Conducts surveys of membership as requested by the Board. 
 4. As directed by the Board, identifies, and evaluates potential vendors and, when authorized, makes purchases.

Chair: Kathy Duerr   
Committee Member(s): Marilyn Charles
Board Member: Maury Nunes,

1. Operates and maintains all electronic communications for LAPOA.
2. Operates and maintains websites – KDA (Terry Brooks)
3. Sends out communications from the Board, Officers, and Committees.
4. Monitors, screens and provides incoming communications for appropriate Board Members, Officers, and Committees.    
5. Generates external publicity when directed by the Board.
6. Operates and maintains social media pages for LAPOA
7. Maintains communications during urgent conditions
8. Maintains communications Neighborhood Watch – pending program 

Committee Chair: 
Committee Member(s) needed:  
Board Member: Dawn James – Townes,

Monitors/reports on facilities and construction in Lake Arrowhead to avoid environmental degradation.
Monitors/reports surrounding properties outside Lake Arrowhead against pollution or degradation affecting our community.
Monitors/reports any regulatory initiatives likely to have material impact on any aspect of our community.
Evaluate all Declarant proposals for any potential to materially impact the environment.
Notifies and coordinates with LAYCC on any complaints about environmental issues.

Committee Chair: 
Committee Member(s): Bob Baker, Dan Howse
Board Member: Ward Brimmer, 

1. Coordinating with the Treasurer and the Board as to LAPOA’s financial needs.
2. Planning, organizing and executing fundraising activities including raffles, the annual yard sale, LAPOA sponsored 
    events, etc..
3. Making appeals and requests to Members (through the Communications Committee and personally for contributions 
    and support of LAPOA fundraising activities.
4. Accounting for and preserving funds raised until delivered to the Treasurer or Fundraising VP.

Committee Chair: 
Committee Member(s): Jill Strickland, Marcia Terry, Marvin Schulwolf, Eileen Oberg
Board Member: Jack Shoffstall,

The purpose of the LAPOA Golf Committee is for Lake Arrowhead golfers, golfing associations and LAPOA to work with the LAYCC golf director and operations manager to improve the Lake Arrowhead golf experience, opportunities and efficiency of Lake Arrowhead golf operations.

Committee Chair: Eleanor Gibbons
Committee Member(s): Ray Champitto, Dave Davies, Lynn De Wolfe, Pam Glosglow, Scott Walker
Board Member – Marilyn Biviano,

Provide a link between the community and Property Management regarding existing and planned infrastructure elements of the community for the exchange of plans, ideas, suggestions, problems, etc. Infrastructure includes roads, utilities, parks, dams, pools, tennis courts, etc. (A detailed list is available). It does not include golf and restaurant amenities to the extent that those activities are covered separately elsewhere.
Monitor existing infrastructure and provide feedback to Property Management regarding recommended maintenance or improvements. Help to prioritize identified needs versus the budget.
Review planned amenity additions or installations and provide feedback and recommendations from the community to Property Management.
Develop, with Property Management, a long-term plan for future maintenance, improvements, and additions to the community infrastructure.  
Facilitate communication regarding infrastructure issues from Property Management to the community. (With the assistance of the Communications Committee)
Physical assets of Lake Arrowhead
Roads, Water, and Sewer
Pools, Tennis, Marina, Trails, Parks, Dry Storage
Outside – Amicalola EMC, Comcast, Windstream

Committee Chair – Steve Ceisel
Committee Member(s): Don Duerr, Jim Lewis, Richard Piercy, Kevin Shemwell, John Windham
Board Member: Gary Charles,
The purpose of the LAPOA Restaurant Committee is for Lake Arrowhead property owners and LAPOA to work with the LAYCC General Manager, Executive Chef and Restaurant Manager to improve the efficiency, food, service, events and efficiency of operations provided by the LA Highlands Grill.  

Committee Chair: Linda Reynolds
Committee Member(s): Veronica Johnson, Jack Liptak, Ruth Nunes
Board Member – Marilyn Biviano,

Establish and maintain effective POA safety and security communication with Lake Arrowhead security, CERT, volunteer fire department.
Identify and recommend Lake Arrowhead safety and security improvements using a risk and value based assessment process.
Evaluate Declarant proposals, as requested by the LAPOA board, for safety and security impact to the Lake Arrowhead HOA members using a risk and value based impact
Notifies and coordinates with LAYCC on any complaints about safety and security issues

Committee Chair: Guy Wynn 
Committee Members: Mark Pullen, Dan Blancato, Paul Ward
Board Member: Dawn James – Townes, 

Lake Arrowhead Neighbors Facebook Group:

Lake Arrowhead Georgia Neighbors 
Facebook Page – closed group, you must be a property owner to be a part of this page. 
Mission Statement
This group is for the purpose of sharing community news (Lake Arrowhead, Waleska, Canton, Reinhardt, Falany, etc.), weather updates, safety issues, getting local recommendations, helping neighbors, local classes, and selling or buying items.

Please adhere to the following rules are pinned at the top of the page. 
The current administrators of this page are Janet Pridmore Windham, Mary McGinnis, Tabatha Ryais Marion, Liz Taylor Strong

Lake Arrowhead Living Mobile App:

This is our very own Lake Arrowhead App for smart phones. It is designed to streamline communications within the community including important notifications for all Lake Arrowhead. The App can be downloaded from Apple ITunes or Google Play, by searching Lake Arrowhead Living. It's free for property owners, their families and guests. Under the Property Owners Tab (required one time sign-in) you can find documents, forms, etc… The App includes a calendar, the Highlands Grill (online reservations/menus), Highlands Golf Course, our community, the Lake Arrowhead Living magazine, swimming, tennis, neighborhood watch, weather, quick contacts, report an issue, and much more.

Book Clubs :

Turning Leaves Book Club is one of the many groups for those who love to read and discuss books, and socialize with our neighbors. We meet the 3rd Thursday of each month either in our homes or the clubhouse and have lunch while we discuss the month’s book selection. If you are interested, please contact Barb May, email

Card Groups:

Pairs and Spares – 2
nd & 4th Tuesday evenings, Roz Waldron 770-345-8220
Duplicate – Every other Monday – Jane Doss 770-479-3791
Friday Bridge –plays 1st & 3rd Friday and enjoy lunch at Clubhouse ,
Delene Hamrick – 770-479-8944
Wednesday - plays 1st & 3rd Wednesday – Arlene DeLange – 770-720-3754
(*Note: If someone is interested in playing bridge, they are put on a substitution list for
whatever days work for them. The Duplicate Group is very advanced, but the others are all
“party bridge.”)

Mah Jongg: 

The Mah Jongg tile game is a popular game that was invented in the mid-1800’s in
China. It is a game that is very similar to rummy and is a lot of fun to play. The group meets every
week on Friday’s at 10:00 am - 2:00 pm at the Clubhouse . For more information contact: Julie
Tewksbury , Phone: 678-493-7090.

Women’s Activity Club of Lake Arrowhead:

The Women’s Activity Club (pronounced WACs) group welcomes all women living in Lake Arrowhead, full time or part time. Activities are during the day on the second Wednesday of each month and annual dues are $10. Several months our usual activities are held here at Lake Arrowhead, such as the September luncheon at the Club that begins the activity year and the winter Game Day held at a member’s home. Further away we make outings to area places such as Gibbs Gardens for the daffodils or High Museum for a special exhibit. Members are kept informed about activities through an email list. Whether you are new to the community or a long time resident who now is looking for new activities, the WAC group is a great way to meet your neighbors and enjoy your community. To join send your membership dues and your email address to Janik Leman at 117 Pinebrook Drive, Box 1185. For more information contact Jane Wimmer at 770 720-3867 or 

Friends of Lake Arrowhead Trails:


Friends of Lake Arrowhead Trails (“FOLAT”) is a group comprised of Lake Arrowhead residents who value the walking, hiking (and, hopefully, biking) trails in our community. The group was established in August, 2016 with the primary purpose of helping to convince LAYCC Management/Johnson Development Corporation that trails are an important amenity that should be retained. We promote safe use and enjoyment of the trails. There are no membership dues. We occasionally have group hike/walk events.  


Lake Arrowhead property owners and residents are eligible and welcome to join FOLAT. If interested in joining, please fully review this document. Communicate agreement with our purpose/objectives and your membership request to John Windham at Include your Lake Arrowhead address, email and phone number. Periodic updates on the status of LA’s trails are provided to FOLAT members.  

Trail Status 

Overall, Lake Arrowhead’s trail system suffered significant set-backs in recent years. We believe community feedback is essential to getting and keeping the trails, literally, “back on track”. As of this writing on September 22, 2017, the eight mile trail network promoted at Lake Arrowhead’s website ( actually includes only about 2½ miles of uninterrupted trails (both paved and natural path) accessible from designated parking areas. Flat Rock and Lake Shore Trails were designed to be the hub of a trails network, and are still very popular paved trails. Sadly, our community now only has use of about two tenths of a mile of the original mile-plus long track of Lake Shore Trail. Lake Shore was planned to ultimately run for 1.9 miles- from the Marina to Lake Arrowhead Drive near the Sanctuary Cove entrance.  

It is hoped that, with the clearly stated support of FOLAT members and other LA property owners, LAYCC Management/Johnson Development Corporation can be influenced to restore Lake Shore Trail and recommit to development of a trails network appropriate for our beautiful mountain and lake community. The McKinney Fund has stated willingness to do their part on Lake Shore Trail, in time, by replacing the out-of-service bridge and tying in to a trail and sidewalks that will be built as the old golf course #2 fairway is developed.   

There is some good news to share regarding Lake Arrowhead’s trails. The Lake Arrowhead Property Owners Association (LAPOA) Board and FOLAT each received approvals to place rest benches on Flat Rock Trail in the past few years. This year LAYCC/Johnson Development added a picnic table and two attractive carved log benches on Flat Rock and, very recently, a steel trail head marker at the trail parking lot. Creek crossing bridges on Wilderness Trail have been repaired and four new ones built over the past year. A carved log bench has been placed near the trail head and plans to add distance markers to Wilderness were announced this summer. Six months ago, LAYCC/Johnson Development stated that they were planning a new natural path trail accessible from Lake Arrowhead. We are anxiously looking forward to the possibility of a new trail being opened before year end.    

FOLAT is grateful for ongoing support from the LA community and the Lake Arrowhead Property Owners Association Board on advocating for trail system restoration and improvement. The LAPOA Board has encouraged our efforts from the start and supported with email "blast" communications and website postings. Community feedback has been incorporated in recommendations provided to LAYCC. These efforts appear to have gained some traction. Maintenance of the remaining trail system has been improved and, as noted above, LAYCC Management has stated that they plan to enlarge the system. For more information , contact John Windham @

Fitness Classes:

Please bring a yoga mat to all classes. For all levels of active adult (beginners are welcome). For more information, contact Loui at 770-262-6384. Classes are $4 per person/class. 
Please bring light set of weights to all classes. For all levels of active adult (beginners are welcome). For more information, contact Loui at 770-262-6384 Classes are $4 per person/class. 
Please bring a yoga mat to all classes and a light set of weights. For all levels of active adult (beginners are welcome). For more information, contact Loui at 770-262-6384 or by email at

Mens Golf Association:

2017 Officers: Ray Champitto, President Larry Adams, Vice President Tournaments Rick Warnke, Vice President Communications Mike Hackett, Vice President Membership, Secretary and Treasurer Purpose Statement: The purpose and objective of the Association shall be to further, in every possible way, the art and the fellowship of the game of golf; to do all things necessary and proper in promoting and encouraging a standard of excellence of the game and of the facilities at Lake Arrowhead; to carry on educational and instructional programs relating to the game; to promote, sponsor and conduct golf tournaments; to maintain communications and to interchange information and ideas among the Association; the club management and the golf professional and his staff; to hold meetings of the Association; and to exert every effort to advance the welfare of the Association, its members, Lake Arrowhead, and the game of golf. The Association shall not act nor be utilized for pecuniary gain for itself, its members, or for any other person or entity. Activities: • Dogfights Wednesday and Saturday mornings each week. Modified Stableford scoring with an optional skins competition. • Special format tournaments ever third Saturday. • Quarterly Membership meetings • Socials such as: o Wine or bourbon tastings with food pairings. o Night Golf o Picnic or cookouts • Community Outreach and Charity: o Co-sponsored the Angel House Tournament with the Ladies Golf Association and raised over $17,000.00 this year. o Donated $1000.00 to the Lake Arrowhead CERT organization last year.

Lake Arrowhead Ladies Golf Association:

Welcome to the Lake Arrowhead Ladies Golf Association (LALGA). 
As a member, you’ll meet new golfers in a fun, friendly environment and participate in activities both on and off the golf course created specifically for women of all skill levels. We invite women 18 years of age and older to join.
Golf has a rich history of ‘giving back’, raising billions of dollars for local and national charities. The LALGA follows that tradition.
In addition to our annual charity event, a portion of every dollar received is set aside to support charitable organizations in our local community. Whether you’re a seasoned player or someone who is interested in getting started in the game, the LALGA is here help you get the most out of golf. All memberships are annual and expire at the end of each calendar year. Dues are $35 and applications and dues are accepted at any time during the year. Make checks payable to “LALGA” and send application and check to Patricia Horlock, 219 Hillside Dr. Waleska GA 30183 OR drop them in the lock box in the Ladies Locker Room at the Clubhouse.
For more information on the Lake Arrowhead Ladies Golf Association email the group at, or call Eleanor Gibbons at 678-848-3691 or 678-880-1871.

Mens Bible Study:

For more information on joining this group please contact Lynn Knox at 7702134141 or email or 

Ladies Bible Study:

For more information on joining this group please contact Jan Holt at


There is a community Library which is strictly “volunteer”. It is located in the clubhouse
beside the office stairwell and is open 9am – 5pm each weekday. All are welcome to donate, borrow
and return. (Please note, always shelve books by author’s last name)


There are 2 pools in the neighborhood, Red Cloud and Great Festival. The pools open around
Memorial Day and close around Labor Day. The (Summer) Pool Schedule is listed below:

Red Cloud:
Mon. & Tues. – Closed
Wed. 10 am – 7pm
Thursday – 8:30 am – 7pm (Adults only – 8:30am – 10am)
Friday, Sat. & Sun. - 10am to 8 pm
Holidays – 10am to 8pm

Great Festival:
Mon. - 10am to 7pm
Tues - 8:30 am to 7pm (Adults only – 8:30am to 10am)
Wed – (5pm to 7pm – Adults only)
Thursday – Closed
Fri, Sat & Sun – 10am to 8pm
Holidays – 10am to 8pm


We currently enjoy the use of four tennis courts at the Red Cloud Park; all are equipped with lights for night-time play and maintained by Lake Arrowhead. There are several opportunities for tennis players to enjoy the fellowship as well as a good game of tennis. The following are available to all players but do not include any special programs offered by the Lake Arrowhead management.

Mixed Doubles: 
Play year-round on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, weather permitting
Time at 1:30 PM during colder months (October through April)
9:30 AM during the warmer months (May through September)
Regulars will be notified via e-mail when time changes.
Format: 4 game sets with tie breakers at 40-40 and games at 2-2, then teams break and new teams formed. Otherwise ITF Rules of Tennis apply.
General level 3.0 and above; all adult players are welcome.
Contact: Maury Nunes or just show up.
Courts are reserved for The Mixed Doubles group.

Women's Daytime Doubles:
Organization begins upon advent of warmer weather and lasts through the early fall.
 The format for women's tennis is regulation tennis, 2-3 full sets. The level of tennis played is B-5+ (ALTA) or 3.0-3.5 (USTA). It is played during the warmer months only. Starts May or June, ending Oct. 1. We welcome former ALTA or USTA newcomers.
 Contact: Jill Rose at phone:770.720.8961

ALTA team play:
Based out of Bridge Mill; Lake Arrowhead is outside the ALTA boundaries
 Contact: BridgeMill tennis 770.720.9635 for more information


It's a racquet sport which combines elements of badminton, tennis, and table tennis.
The sport is played on a court with the same dimensions as a doubles badminton court. The net is
similar to a tennis net, but it is mounted two inches lower. The game is played with a hard paddle
and a polymer wiffle ball. The Pickleball Courts are located on the lower level of the Red Cloud Park
Tennis Center. If you would like more information on this exciting new game, please contact Bill
Hess at 770-704-6297 or

*Private play:
Private play is always encouraged; to help, we provide a roster of the known players who live in Lake Arrowhead. This is kept within the tennis community and not shared outside Lake Arrowhead. Contact Maury Nunes (above.) To check to see if a court is available, you may also contact Membership at or phone 770.721.7912.
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